ZA series of oxidated electrocast zirconia-alumina products
Product ingredient explanation
ZA series product casting way
Product type performance value
furnace ridge
liquid hole
small furnace arch
tank wall brick
arch bricks
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 Address:Xuzhou city Jia Wang east the area Quan East 206 federal highways leans
 Chairman's Office:0516-87711220
 General Manager's Office:0516-87719998
 General Manager(Handset):13905200581
 SalesDepartment:0516-87711990 87719922
 Supplies Department:0516-87719911
 Production Technology:0516-87719266

 Fax: 0516-87711880
 E-mail: [email protected]

Copyright: Factory site:Jiangsu xuzhou east industrial park of 206 national highway
Contact phone number :0516-87719000 fax :0516-87711880 
Sue ICP for number design :Xuzhou million network   
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