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Two academicians led the research

Published:2012-12-22 Posted by Views: 201 Secondary

Recently, Academician Zhong Xiangchong, China Academy of Engineering Shi Yue light Creek from the vice chairman of the Beijing Association for Science summer strong hands took the letter of appointment, Jinyu Tongda Refractory Technologies Corporation "academician expert workstation" first stationed academicians, began to lead the research and development of green refractories .

It is understood that, Jinyu Tongda National Torch Plan Key High-tech enterprises, Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone "Mochi 10 projects in 2011 to focus on nurturing the corporate ranks. Currently, the enterprise is being implemented to the introduction of high-end talent, the development of high-end products to occupy the high-end market, "three high" strategy.

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