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The city held the refractories industry development report will

Published:2012-12-22 Posted by Views: 201 Secondary

On November 12, the city held the the refractories industry development report will.The meeting invited the the refractory one of the academic leaders in China, the Zhengzhou University Chair Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor Zhong Xiangchong five industry experts, refractory industry development in China for academic reports.
Vice Mayor directors the Xiantao attend report.  Relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the county district deputy counties long County Science and Technology Bureau is responsible for the people and the city part of the refractory material with new material related businesses and representatives of more than 60 people participated in the report will be.
會上,At the meeting, the five experts and professors on our refractory industry to develop relevant site report, with participants around "to promote city refractories industry development, to promote the refractories industry technology innovation, and enhance refractory product quality overall level in-depth discussion and exchanges.
City of the four refractory production base, since the beginning of the new century, with the introduction of natural gas, down the smoke kiln changed tunnel kiln series of technological transformation, the city's the refractories industry achieve the new changes and breakthroughs, overall jumped to a The new level, but there is still the problem of technology is relatively backward, the lower end products. The convening of the report will have important guiding significance to promote scientific and technological achievements of the city refractory to promote the healthy development of the city refractories industry.
報告會結束后,After the meeting, the Group of Experts a row to BBMG Tongda High Temperature Materials Co., Ltd., Hua Ling Refractories Co., Ltd. and other enterprises to visit the guidance. (Nie Xiaoyan Li Kun)

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