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China's refractories industry urgently five major changes

Published:2012-12-22 Posted by Views: 201 Secondary

With the current economic recovery at home and abroad, or slow growth, the economy of the the refractory major user industry continued downward, the price of iron and steel enterprises is more competitive, this is bound to be low-cost conduction refractory enterprises, thus further affecting the refractory raw materials enterprises. Therefore, the refractory industry regardless of the production of raw materials or products will face a more difficult economic environment.

But at the same time, we should also see that the refractory industry will usher in industry consolidation, a rare opportunity for industrial restructuring driven by technological innovation.

The future will be China's refractories industry to raise industrial concentration, from large to strong, great development opportunities to enter the world in scientific and technological innovation and competitiveness. This is because the refractory industry has many good conditions: First, refractory raw material resources are more abundant, especially magnesite and graphite; stronger industrial base and better technology; has a huge domestic market demand is the most powerful driving force of development; Fourth, has the world's largest refractories technology professionals and personnel education and training system; fifth in the past, the development of the refractories industry in independent innovation has made remarkable achievements.
Therefore, the future development of Chinese refractories are still dynamic and worth looking forward to.
The new situation facing new tasks

Accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, and take intensive, sustainable development model of man in harmony with nature under the premise that by 2020, China's refractory industry with new tasks and goals: effectively improve industrial concentration, and scientific and rational planning of natural mining and configuration of refractory raw material resources, the rational distribution of industry distribution; optimize the product structure, refractory products manufacturing of green and energy-saving, energy-saving refractory, of functional intelligent refractory and unshaped refractory use to reach more than 70% of high temperature new industrial processes, new technologies, new product development, and energy saving new refractory materials needed to achieve self-sufficiency, with refractory secondary resources, the proportion of 70%; industry, scientific and technological innovation capability significantly enhanced, application technology and applied basic research level significantly enhance the development of the refractories industry embarked on the track of innovation-driven world production power to a power shift.

Five major changes to promote the development of the industry

I believe that, in order to achieve the above objectives, refractories industry needs to make changes in the following areas:

 First, by relying on the extensive development of resources to the scientific planning, innovation-driven sustainable development changes.

I recommend: the development of refractory raw materials resources mining development planning, reasonable mining and configuration, to enhance the level of technical equipment of the mining of refractory raw materials, improve the comprehensive utilization of resources, to ensure a reliable supply of resources to improve the capacity of sustainable development.

Attaches great importance to the application of new techniques, new technologies, and to improve the consistency and uniformity in the quality of raw materials, and to strengthen the development of high value-added refractory raw materials and market-oriented operation.

Improve the production of refractory raw materials with the level of equipment, process optimization, to minimize the impact of human factors on quality, taking into account the conservation of resources, and reduce energy consumption.

Speed ??up the adjustment of product structure of refractory products, attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, industrialization and marketization of scientific research.

Improve the consistency and uniformity of product quality, enhance the technical capacity of the service for the user, and high value-added product.

From extensive economic cycle, the green economy transition.

 For refractory enterprises should attach great importance to the refractory material flow, energy flow and information flow management of the production process and optimize the allocation of strengthening refractory matter and energy efficiency of the production process, recycling; core to reduce costs, strengthen the process optimization of the production process, the logistics aspects of meticulous management; considered from a structural cost, large-scale use of artificial uneconomical due to rising labor costs, not just in terms of reducing costs, but also from the control quality homogeneity, reducing the impact of human factors to consider even more important. Therefore, improving the the equipment automation level of the industry as a whole is particularly urgent, and should attach great importance to the development of refractories manufacturing digital.

In addition, it should attach great importance to energy saving and environmental protection, the development of refractory materials (raw materials), green manufacturing. Develop mandatory policies, eliminate backward production capacity; energy-saving high-temperature furnace using a new digital control, and promote energy saving, emission reduction, and reducing consumption; increase of new technologies, new materials and renewable resources in the refractory design and manufacturing process applications, the development of new energy-saving and environmental protection technology, new varieties, reduce or alternative materials to environmental pollution, and promote the improvement of the level of industry, environmental and occupational health.

Third, to the steady expansion of the business (contraction) management changes.

The market appeared to decline when the economic downturn, refractory enterprises should focus on asset allocation, asset-light for the user to enhance the ability to provide technical services for the purpose of development, in order to achieve the control of fixed assets and three asset growth to reduce the amount of funds used to control risk purposes. Refractory enterprises should reach a consensus, the measures taken to reduce the yield insurance market, to mention confidence, to improve the macro-economic environment of the industry, and to stabilize the market price, which is one of the major work. However, the large number of refractory enterprises in China, small scale, there is not a company to enter the top ten of the same industry in the world.So many small and medium enterprises resulting in industry concentration is too low. The downturn of the market demand, the companies do not want to lose the market space, lost customers, so it is easy to lead to vicious competition, low sales problems.The same time, businesses have to withstand the severe challenges of rising resource prices and labor costs, increased pressure on the environment, Refractories corporate profits fell to historic lows even a loss can not be highly considered the problem from the strategic level or long-term sustainable development, the entire resources, energy and environmental constraints facing the development of the industry will become increasingly serious.

The transition from decentralized management to intensive management, improve industrial concentration.

 Regulate the development of the industry will play a good role in the development of industry in line with the direction of the development of China's refractories industry access standards. I suggest, have restrictive policies in terms of energy consumption, environmental protection, the level of equipment, technology and innovation capacity, improve refractory raw materials, refractory industry access threshold, no new refractory materials (raw materials) enterprises, including foreign-funded enterprises. Meanwhile, as the core market, the principle of complementary product or industry chain integration and remodeling, from the tax, resource allocation and other policies to encourage and guide policy to encourage competitive enterprises mergers and cross-regional capital, equity swap, the technical elements restructuring, optimize the layout, improve industrial concentration, cultivate large enterprise with core competencies influential in the world, and our right to speak of the refractories industry to improve refractory enterprises in China in the division of labor on a global industrial chain. In addition, the ability of industry, scientific and technological innovation, the larger size and industry influence recommendations given resource configuration support, great loss, nurturing a well-known brand in the industry.

Innovative business models to enhance the ability of service users.

Technology as the core value-added services will be the main direction of development to increase market share and profit. Refractory enterprises should strengthen close cooperation with users, focusing on the application of basic research and applied technology research, allowing users to buy not only products, but also by the technical services in order to achieve as the core technology to provide users with value-added services.

At the system level, the morphology of property rights, refractory enterprises should strengthen the close cooperation between users. Such as Nippon Steel Holdings Kurosaki Harima around the development needs of the downstream users of new technologies, new processes and new products, research and development to adapt to new refractory products, new technologies, and to provide a good service to truly create a user demand-driven refractory technology innovation and development. This model is worth the refractory enterprises in China and learn.

In resources, the environment has increasingly become a "bottleneck" restricting the development of China's refractories industry, economic and market development situation change, the development path of the refractories industry is facing multiple challenges and challenges. Firm confidence, courage cope refractories industry should prepare early, proactive, positive transformation, solve the problem of its own industry in the development of the industry concentration of low, unreasonable product structure, technological innovation is not to seize the opportunity for industrial restructuring, development advanced refractories, efficient, functional, intelligent, energy-saving, environmental protection connotation towards innovation-driven, intensive and efficient, resource-saving, energy saving and environmental protection, sustainable development, in order to better contribute to the development of high temperature industries.

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