ZA series of oxidated electrocast zirconia-alumina products
Product ingredient explanation
ZA series product casting way
Product type performance value
furnace ridge
liquid hole
small furnace arch
tank wall brick
arch bricks
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    Jiangsu Xu Nai new material technology co., LTD resistant refractories its excellent quality, leading technology and the level of technical services in good faith and peer users in the country enjoy a high reputation in the company for a perfect technical service institutions, our engineering and technical personnel for users provide effective technical services. We are committed as follows:

  1, strictly in accordance with the relevant technical standards and purchasing contracts, the demands of the production support. Assurance products for the various indicators to technical standards and purchasing the contract requirements. If the quality of products, the company realized Sanbao.

  2, the service center advisory clients advisory services with the Department of telephone :0516 - 87719000. The use of the product, abnormal phenomena, such as special needs phoned have any questions please call our hotline counseling. For users Problems technical guidance and advice. For users solve the problem, until the user is satisfied.

  3, regular visits customers, free gifts I's latest product information and technical data.

  4, in view of customers, the company fixed assigned full-time technical staff. Long-term users to communicate and

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